What's Trending in the Molecular World

Biotech’s Breakthrough Year


Pay attention only to politics and you might think 2017 was a parade of horribles, yet most Americans saw their living standards rise and business innovations are happening apace.

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Don’t Fear a Biotech Correction


Focusing on the long term is one of the first lessons that investors learn. It is an especially important thing to keep in mind in biotech. Read more here.

Big Pharma and Start-Ups Are Key to Health Gains


There has been enormous progress in addressing health problems in the developing world in the past 25 years and much more can be accomplished with greater involvement by major pharmaceutical companies and start-ups, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates tells Barron’s. Read more here.

Cancer Deaths Continue a Steep Decline


From 1991 to 2015, the cancer death rate dropped about 1.5 percent a year, resulting in a total decrease of 26 percent — 2,378,600 fewer deaths than would have occurred had the rate remained at its peak. Read more here.