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Skinny and 119 Pounds, but With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity


A small group of thin patients who develop disorders typically tied to obesity pose a medical mystery and a potential opportunity for scientists. Claire Walker Johnson of Queens was a medical mystery. No matter how much she ate, she never gained weight. And yet Ms. Johnson, with a long narrow face, had the conditions many obese people […]

Big Pharma’s cash flows in a flurry of partnerships


Big Pharma wields enormous influence over the prescription drug and medical device markets around the globe. By Robert Weisman | JULY 21, 2016 | It’s become a rite of passage for local biotech startups: After you’ve launched, raised venture capital, and set up labs, it’s time to find a partner to share the costs and risks of […]

Arming Synthetic Bacteria Against Cancer


Researchers engineer bacteria that deliver an anti-tumor toxin in mice before self-destructing. A synthetic genetic circuit programmed into an attenuated Salmonella enterica subspecies can be used to systemically deliver an anti-tumor toxin into mice with cancer. The circuit allows the bacterial cells inside a tumor to synchronously self-destruct by lysis, releasing the toxin directly in […]

Uncle Sam Wants You — Or at Least Your Genetic and Lifestyle Information


WASHINGTON — Government scientists are seeking a million volunteers willing to share the innermost secrets of their genes and daily lives as part of an ambitious 10-year research project to understand the causes and cures of disease. Those selected to be members of the “precision medicine cohort” will be asked to provide a detailed medical […]

This genetically engineered ‘living robot’ moves with rat heart cells


by Graham Templeton on July 11, 2016 at 11:00 am This past week saw an intriguing confluence of multiple disciplines, in the form a new artificial stingray model its creators call a “living robot,” and an unconventional means of studying the human heart. Driven by rat cells and modeled after a fish, it might seem like […]