What's Trending in the Molecular World

Could DNA Be the Future of Digital Storage?


As the data deluge outpaces the capacity to store it on conventional devices, researchers are hoping natural genetic code can be used to contain billions of megabytes of information. Could DNA be the future of digital storage?

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2016: A Record-setting Year for Generic Drugs


Over the last 10 years, generic drugs have saved the U.S. healthcare system about $1.68 trillion. I’m pleased to report that 2016 was a record-setting year for FDA’s generic drug program, a result that will help generate further cost savings for American consumers, while assuring the quality of these generic products. Read more here.

The Biotech Stock Safety Net


Call it the Pfizer put. The giant pharmaceutical company sold €4 billion ($4.22 billion) in bonds this week, paying a yield of almost nothing.The ease and low cost of Pfizer’s borrowing shows that it or any of its major rivals could easily fund the acquisition of almost any biotech. Read more here.

How a Water Bear Survives, Even When It’s Dry


“Tough” takes on new meaning when it is used to describe the tardigrade. This microscopic animal, also known as the water bear for its tubby appearance, can survive being frozen, boiled, exposed to extreme radiation and high pressures, being starved for several years and put into the vacuum of space for several days. Read more […]

DIY Gene Editing: Fast, Cheap—and Worrisome


Kian Sadeghi has postponed homework assignments, sports practice and all the other demands of being a 17-year-old high-school junior for today. On a Saturday afternoon, he is in a lab learning how to use Crispr-Cas9, a gene-editing technique that has electrified scientists around the world—and sparked a widespread debate about its use. Read more here.