The trials of Juno


IN THE pharma business, Juno Therapeutics, a small firm based in Seattle, is just a stripling. It is three years old, has not a single drug approval to its name but is nonetheless valued at $2.8 billion. That value is derived from the fact that it is on the forefront of the most promising area […]

Immune System and Spirit Kept Cancer at Bay for a Year

Immune System and Spirit Kept Cancer at Bay for a Year

I recently chronicled the story of Jason Greenstein and his battle against cancer. He was at the vanguard of a new kind of treatment that unleashes the immune system to fight the disease as it does infections caused by viruses and bacteria. But his reprieve lasted just over a year. Jason died last week, leaving […]

VP Biden gives new push on ‘Cancer Moonshot’ clinical trials

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden addresses the session "Cancer Moonshot: A Call to Action" during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland in this file photo dated January 19, 2016. REUTERS/Ruben Sprich

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden on Friday announced new measures to help cancer patients navigate the clinical trials process as part of the administration’s “Cancer Moonshot” initiative to speed new treatments to market. In a statement released ahead of a planned speech at Rice University in Houston, Biden said clinical trials are essential for developing […]

Cancer-Drug Ads vs. Cancer-Drug Reality

cancer drug

By MATT JABLOW TOWSON, Md. — Two days into a long-dreamed-of family vacation to Italy in August 2013, my wife, Ronna, became nauseated, unusually tired and short of breath. One of the great non-complainers in American history, she insisted that it was no big deal and valiantly tried to join in on various outings in […]

Biden Threatens Funding Cuts


Vice President Biden speaks at the Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University in Washington on Wednesday. (Carolyn Kaster/AP) Biden threatens funding cuts for researchers who don’t report clinical-trial data An impatient Vice President Biden threatened Wednesday to cut funding to research facilities that fail to report clinical-trial results quickly enough and took a swipe at […]

Medicine’s Next Step


Trial Medication Treatment  By Barack Obama   JULY 07, 2016 HEALTH CARE is always personal. As science and technology have advanced, it’s become possible to make it personalized as well, giving us the tools to better understand, prevent, and treat everyone’s individual health needs. We wouldn’t buy a pair of glasses that doesn’t match our […]

Why Cancer Patients And Doctors Should Rethink The Value Of Phase 1 Trials

Elaine Schattner,  CONTRIBUTOR Of all the reports being presented at this year’s big cancer meeting, the one I think most important is not about a particular drug or malignancy. It’s about the design of clinical trials. For cancer patients trying an experimental drug, participating in a “matched” study–using biomarkers, like genetics, to link their condition […]

Cancer Drugs: A Long Road to Blockbuster Sales


By CHARLEY GRANT May 30, 2016 12:02 p.m. ET Novel cancer treatments are the next big hope for the drug sector. But investors shouldn’t forget that reward goes hand in hand with risk. While enthusiasm for the sector has cooled from the euphoria of the past few years, potential treatments such as immunotherapy, which tries […]

Perfecting this blood test will be critical to the next wave of cancer treatment

cancer liquid biopsie_mill (2)

Precision medicine — like cancer treatment that is tailor-made for an individual patient — is becoming more of a reality. Critical to this is the ability to test people for characteristics of their disease that are unique to them. When it comes to cancer, the hope is that test’s called liquid biopsies — which use blood […]

Harnessing the U.S. Taxpayer to Fight Cancer and Make Profits

Harnessing the U.S. Taxpayer to Fight Cancer and Make Profits

Enthusiasm for cancer immunotherapy is soaring, and so is Arie Belldegrun’s fortune. Dr. Belldegrun, a physician, co-founded Kite Pharma, a company that could be the first to market next year with a highly anticipated new immunotherapy treatment. But even without a product, Dr. Belldegrun has struck gold. Read more here.

How a researcher used big data to beat her own ovarian cancer


Academic scientists devote their lives to research, often toiling away on problems that few people outside their discipline fully understand. Perhaps some are driven by pure curiosity or competition, while others have a personal interest in the topic at hand. Read more here.

White House To Announce Big Push For Cancer Blood Tests

White House To Announce Big Push For Cancer Blood Tests

The White House, as part of the Cancer Moonshot effort being run by Vice President Joe Biden, is announcing a major push to develop blood tests that can detect and monitor cancer, that aims to unite makers of diagnostic tests, drugs, and other cancer-related products. Read more here.

Chance Collaboration Yields an Advance in Cancer Treatment

Chance Collaboration Yields an Advance in Cancer Treatment

Researchers may have solved a puzzle about which patients will benefit from immunotherapy. – By RON WINSLOW. A collaboration between an immunologist helping his stepmother fight cancer and the oncologist who treated her led to a discovery that could help many more patients benefit from a transformative new therapy. A new class of drugs called checkpoint […]

Immunotherapy Offers Hope to a Cancer Patient, but No Certainty

Immunotherapy Offers Hope to a Cancer Patient, but No Certainty

By MATT RICHTEL Drawing on his immune system to fight Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my friend saw a stunning improvement. Then came the relapses. DENVER — A cancer patient nicknamed the Steel Bull got his death sentence on a gloomy March Wednesday in 2015. He was 47, his given name Jason Greenstein, but he had earned the moniker […]